Fans of The Dolphin Quest Slots

Dolphin Quests slots is a website created for fans of online slots by fans of online slots, which is an important distinction compared to most of the other many gambling-oriented sites online. Our mission is to review online slot machines and the online casinos that host them. Entertainment value will always be a focal point, but we’ll also scrutinize these outfits and their games in terms of reliability, trustworthiness, lucrativeness and so forth.

For the Fans !

When we created our site, it was with a very specific goal in mind: We loved the Dolphin Quest slot machine by Microgaming — and still do! We wanted to build a place where fans of the game could discuss betting strategies, bankroll management, the online casinos where the game was available, deposit and reload bonuses, loyalty and reward programs and so on. In other words, we intended our slot site to be the total resource for the Dolphin Quest fan.

Admittedly, that initial vision was a tad shortsighted. Although we continue to love Dolphin Quest and play it on regular basis, we were hungry for new slots experiences, and developers like Microgaming were adding new and more innovative online slot machines to their libraries on a regular basis – click here. When we realized this, it was then that we had the idea to take the slot site and transform it into a site that applies that same inquisitive and hard-hitting approach to all of the online slots we play.

With the revamped Dolphin Quest Slot, we have also decided to take a more expansive and thorough approach to the various online casinos that host video slot machines. As players ourselves, one of the greatest challenges we face is determining which casinos to trust and invest in. Most online casinos are honest and behave with great integrity, but those few bad apples can really ruin your experience if you are unfortunate enough to give them your hard-earned money.

Our site isn’t just about reviews of online casinos and online slot machines, we also feature articles, editorials, blog posts and even humor pieces by the slots fans we have on staff as well as those who publish with us as a contributor! 

Everything we publish is read and challenged by people just like you, and we use that process to provide you with the very best information possible. We cannot promise perfection, but we can promise that we will never stop working toward that goal.
Lastly, we would like to use these closing moments to talk about: community. This community was at the heart of our decision to launch our site and and community continues to be one of the driving forces behind this site.

Through social media, our forums and interaction in the comments section for all the content on the site aims to grow our community and continue to thrive! Through this community, we’ll share our love of online slots machines like Dolphin Quest, but we will also use it as a grand resource. Together we can identify the casinos that deserve our business, those that do not, and we can dig dip into our favorite slot machines in a way that makes us all better players and hopefully far more likely to hit the jackpot!