Slot History

Slot machines have been casino assets for many, many years. Their huge contribution to gaming floor-space is undeniable, and since their origins in the 1800s, they have impacted the industry with countless improvements.

The Beginning

San Francisco’s early slot machines utilized card numbers rather than modern fruit symbols. These card symbols spanned across a classic five-reel design. Royal Flushes revealed big prizes, and slot machines further carried this archetype.

The 1900s

In 1909, Stephen Mill altered an earlier, 1908 design innovation created by Charles Fey. Up to ten new symbols were included, and machines became huge hits. In many ways, modern slot machines expanded from this design—and they later ran on electronic microprocessors in 1964. These processors implemented larger prizes, higher security, and great sustainability.

The Video Slot: A Modern Invention

Video slot machines introduced video poker. While not tied to slots, video poker did prove machine gaming’s security to modern audiences. As video-based slots grew, so did innovative slot machines based upon three, seven, nine, and higher-numbered reels. The slot machine, by this time, had taken approximately 100 years of countless revivals and innovative efforts.

Now, online casinos implement the industry’s best offering! With history as a sounding-board, great options, lucrative jackpots, and expansive opportunities have emerged. The slot machine itself has a long-developed ideology behind it! The public perception, always growing, has indeed shaped its inception and improvement. Even now, slot machines continue to evolve.


Online Slots Explained

So, you want to get involved with online slot gaming? Before hopping in, understanding the ropes can be beneficial. Modern casino fans have flocked to the Internet! As for slot machines, an estimated 80 percent of casino flooring is attributed to them!The American Casino Guide itself has noted their relevancy. It’s not surprising such great, atmospheric additions have made it to the World Wide Web.

The Features

Online slots are expansive!Their buy-ins and jackpots are varied, but one can become an expert in little time. Before playing, understand this: Online slot rows, paylines, and reels should be noted. While classic machines contain one row and three reels with one payline, online slots often have five reels and three paylines.

The Progressives

Online slots have catered to progressive slot fans, too. Those lucky enough to receive big pay-offs often return for more, and online slots have become critically acclaimed for their awesome amounts and central jackpots.

Online slots have gathered many, many players!

Bonus slot games, too, have been great incentives for the online movement. Those seeking constant action are always accommodated for, as online slots are fast-paced and continuous. While cash prizes aren’t always likely, other prizes are great consolations for players. In general, online slots are growing, as are player expectations. Likely, online slots will become an industry cornerstone—well-regarded, even in brick-and-mortar casinos.