Tips to play the Best Slots

Sometimes, several progressive slots stick out amongst the rest. 2014 was a great year for progressives, and several have withstood their proverbial “trials by fire.” The following slots, delivered through industry-favorite providers, have highlighted the gaming industry’s innovative designs:

Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive Slot

A Playtech creation, Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive slots offer a slew of experiences, ranging across Daredevil’s five-reel, 25-payline design; Blade’s max-slot adventure; and X-Men’s five-reel, 25-payline twisting experience. Marvel Ultimate Power Progressive Slot is a power package, and it’s become a house favorite in 2014.

Mega Fortune Dreams

The Mega Fortune Dreams progressive slot is provided through Net Entertainment. Its maximized slot experience offers fast-spin reels, triggered bonuses, and luxury payouts.

Each symbol provides players with awesome purchases, spanning across Watches, Jackpots, Champagne, Rings, and Handbags. Sure, it’s a little different—but it’s innovative, exciting, and packed with bonus symbols.


Microgaming’s Tunzamunny delivers a rewarding, progressive slot capable of packing over 100,000 coins within 25-cent bets. The game’s graphics are quick, clean, and well-sliced. If you’re looking for performance, Tunzamunny won’t fail to impress. This slot isn’t available on a mobile platform yet, but it’s coming.

As for the above games, they’re all available at web-based new online casinos december 2020. Their popularity is unrivaled, so accessibility won’t be a problem. If you’re looking for great options and high-end winnings, these 2014 powerhouses are great starts. Additionally, all are newcomer-friendly, so no player is left behind in either selection.

Useful Tips for Slot Players

Slot machines are great expenditure options for the quick-witted and dedicated. Hours of excitement can be derived from a single machine, and every machine carries its own possibilities. If you’re about to take on “the big one”, take note of the following tips. They just might bolster your investment and increase your winnings:

Ignore the “Hot or Not” Ideology

If your machine is seemingly “on fire,” watch out. A machine can’t be hot! It’s statistically impossible for a slot machine to be payout-due. Machines are randomized, so watch your investment.

Look at Your Payouts

Each slot machine carries a different pay table! Normally, your odds lessen when credits increase. You should always take note of potential payouts. Additionally, never hop on a machine before you understand its pay table.

Shoot for the High Denomination

Similarly, understanding a casino’s denominations is important. Check High Casinos Payouts at Casino Aus—so they’re often great investments. High denomination machines, when affordable, are always great casino buffs, as they’ll buffer out non-routine play-throughs.

Remember Your Tax Commitments

Yes, gambling wins require tax payments! While not entirely a gambling-specific tip, your taxes are a part of your win deductions. Consider these reductions as direct losses, so your play should never rely upon money you don’t have. Many casinos report winnings to the tax authorities, too, so you’ll likely be responsible following every payout.